Women's Anti Harassment cell


"The task of every man is the dignity of every women. The task of every woman is the dignity of every man." (St. John Paul II)

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Women’s Anti-Harassment Cell ensures the safety of the female students and the women staff members. The function of the Cell is to purely safeguard the rights of the female students, women Faculty and Staff to provide them with a platform for listening to their complaints with a view to ameliorate them. The Cell also tries to inculcate habits of personal hygiene, and etiquette (a set of rules for polite and considered speech and behaviour). It also tries to empower the female members of the College of their legal rights, and the ways to redress their grievances.

The aggrieved party shall submit their written complaints to any member of the WAH Cell. To facilitate the speedy delivery of justice, the Cell meets on a regular basis. From time to time the Cell conducts Seminars and Lectures by specialists to root out violence, harassment/ sexual abuse of women at the workplace, to provide equal opportunities for them, and to teach others, esp., men to treat women with the dignity and respect they rightly deserve as co-equal partners in the Order of Creation. Please note that a frivolous or false complaint to the WAH Cell is filed, such an individual/group of individuals shall have to bear the consequences of the offense and a hefty Fine decided by the members of the said Cell.

Anyone found to have harassed another will be subjected to appropriate disciplinary action, including:

  • reprimand/s and/ or written apology,
  • suspension from classes/practical work, etc.,
  • Other punishment/s as defined by the Law, and the University Act.

“People who love themselves, don’t hurt other people. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer."


Name Designation Mobile No.
Mrs. Sali Joseph Convener 9947078088
Mercy K P Joint Convener 9497290122
Ms.Manjusha Member 9562291409
Ms. Manju C A Member 9447517460
Ms. Soumya Manuel Member 9400439225