Attendance And Leave Requirements

  • Students must enter the class rooms at the stroke of the first bell at 9.40 am. and settle down. They are obligated to create a conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning in the classroom/s.
  • During the Prayer at 9.50 am., students are expected to stand up, be silent and recollected to seek the Divine help for the day’s work/study.
  • Attendance will not be given to those who reach the classroom after the morning Prayer.
  • Students must strictly follow their Class Schedule, i.e., they ought to be present for all the lectures, Lab and Library work, etc, if applicable.
  • Attendance is taken before the commencement of instruction, i.e., at the beginning of every hour.
  • Be present in the classroom prior to the commencement of the instruction/lectures to avoid inconvenience to others, and the faculty member/s. If one is late for 5 or more minutes without valid a reason, he/she will not be given attendance for the entire hour.
  • Absence for an hour will be counted as absence for half a day.
  • Separate attendance register is maintained for each subject, and regular attendance is a criterion for awarding internal marks (CEM) in that subject.
  • Absentees must submit to the class teacher, in the prescribed Leave Application Form, reasons for their absence, and it must be counter-signed by the parent/local guardian.
  • A student unable to attend the class for five consecutive working days because of serious illness and/or hospitalization must submit the required Medical Certificate.
  • Continuous absence for 10 days without valid reasons, and proof, will lead to the removal of the student’s name from the Attendance Roll.
  • Students are permitted to appear for the End Semester Evaluation only if they have secured not less than 75% attendance in that Subject during the Semester.
  • Condonation of the shortage of attendance for a maximum period of 12 days during a Semester, and a maximum of two times during the entire Degree Programme may be granted by the University.
  • Benefit of the Condonation of Attendance may be granted to those students who attend the approved activities of the College/University with the concurrence of the Principal.
  • Participation in such activities may be treated as presence in lieu of their absence on production of the participation/attendance Certificate in curricular or extracurricular activities.
  • A student who is not eligible for condonation of shortage of attendance shall be permitted to repeat the Course of Study, if all other criteria are met.