Computer Lab


The college is privileged to have two computer labs, for BCA and B.Com CA students, with 50 computers. All the computers are connected with high speed internet. Students are encouraged to utilize the facility to the full extent for their learning requirements.

Computer Lab Rules

  • Silence and orderly conduct are expected of everyone using the lab/s. Hence, they should only haveProfessional/muted communication in the Lab/s.
  • Keep the Lab/s spick and span, neat and tidy.
  • No obnoxious or belligerent behavior will be tolerated.
  • Students should leave their footwear outside the Lab/s.
  • Students are not allowed to use the computers for gaming.
  • Operate the computer/s with respect and care, and caution must be exercised in handling the electrical fittings and gadgets therein.
  • Use the Lab/s only for academic requirements. Misuse of the computer/s and/or the Internet facility provided in absolutely forbidden.
  • No student or Staff is allowed to connect an external UBS device/infected Pen Drive to the computers in the Lab/s.
  • Damage to the Computer/s and to the accessories have to be reported to the Instructor/College Authorities, and the value of the damaged items have to be made good by the party concerned.
  • Report any hard/software problem to the Instructor/Lab. Aids.
  • Behaviors and activities in the Lab(s) that are considered by the Lab Aides/Instructor to be abusive to the software, hardware, and\or to the personnel present there may result in the expulsion of the offender/s from the Lab(s) and the denial of Lab privileges in the future.
  • Refrain from downloading objectional materials from the Internet.
  • Log out and shut down the Computer/s, when one leaves the Lab.
  • Excessive use of paper and materials may require reimbursement to the Lab. Discarded paper should be placed in a Recycle Bin.
  • Software may be installed only by authorized College personnel. Do not install any software on your own.
  • Files saved/stored by students will be routinely removed from the Computers by the Instructor/Lab Staff.
  • Do not modify any software or files. Do not overwrite, or modify the Operating System or modify any other system parameters.
  • For any hardware, software, printer, paper, or ink problems contact the Instructor/Lab Aids.
  • College policy requires compliance with all Intellectual Property Laws. Copying software without appropriate authorization violates the Law.
  • Illegal use of materials in the Lab/s is a ground for denial of the use of the Lab/s in the future, and the confiscation of such materials
  • Printing of web site images and pages must be for academic purposes only.
  • Failure to follow the Lab Rules shall result in the loss of one’s Lab privileges, and/or invite other disciplinary action/s:

The violator/s will receive a warning for the first violation from the Instructor, and they will be reported to the HOD and/or the Principal.

If there are further violations, the violator/s will be banned from all Computer Lab/s for the remainder of the month in which the violation occurs.

The violator will be banned from the Computer Lab/s for the rest of the Semester for a third violation, and so forth.