Chemistry Lab


Chemistry Lab is well equipped with all the facilities and equipment required for the students to do experiments as part of their syllabi. The labs are spacious enough and a full-time lab attendant is appointed for the smooth functions of the lab.

Chemistry Lab Rules

  • A minimum of 75% attendance along with Lab Reports must be compulsory to attend the practical examination/s.
  • Clothing and hair must be secured properly while in the avoid accidents.
  • The use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) i.e. gloves, lab coat, goggles, etc., is highly recommended.
  • Do not touch chemicals or allow them to come into contact with one’s bare skin.
  • Proper labeling, and storage of all chemicals are essential. Handle these with caution and at most care.
  • Know the locations and operating procedures of the fire extinguisher.
  • Students are not to sit on the floor in the Laboratory.ab.
  • First Aid materials are located in the Laboratory and should be used whenever needed.
  • No chemicals or apparatus are to be removed from the Laboratory.
  • Accidents, however small, must be reported to the Instructor/Lab. Assistant immediately, and medical assistance must be sought, if needed.
  • Broken glassware must never be placed in the trash bins/sinks. Use the disposal boxes provided.
  • After each use, make sure that the sink/s in the Lab. is clean.
  • Trash is to be placed in trash bins, not in the sink.
  • Chemicals must only be disposed of in accordance with the Instructor’s directions..
  • Be careful when working with apparatus that may be hot. Handle them with tongs/ wet paper towel/other appropriate holder/s
  • If a thermometer breaks inform the Instructor immediately. The mercury must be disposed of properly. Do not touch either the broken glass or the mercury with your bare skin.
  • Only authorized work shall be conducted in the Laboratory.
  • No externs are allowed in the Lab.
  • Solo Laboratory work is ABSOLUTELY prohibited.
  • Wash hands before leaving the Laboratory.
  • Be alert and attentive at all times during the Lab. work.
  • The Laboratory must be left clean and tidy, and everything needs to be put in their proper place before leaving.
  • Student Lab Report must be approved by the Instructor.
  • Violation of Lab Rules will necessitate loss of Lab. privileges and/or serious disciplinary action/s.