Rules & Regulations

  • Caution Deposit will be refunded at the end of the course of study after deduction dues if any. Students should produce the receipt and the Identity card issued from the college along with application for refund. Failure to produce the original receipt will result in forfeiture of the claim for refund. The caution deposit shall be disbursed to the claiming person after his/her acquittance obtained, in the caution deposit register.
  • College Union fund, library fee & university fees should be remitted in every academic year.
  • Tuition fee is payable at the time of admission or in 5 equal instalments on or before every 10th working day.
  • 2 Instalments of tuition fees will be collected at the time of admission & subsequent instalment fees (balances 3 instalments) will be collected on or before every 10 th working day of every month or 17th day with fine Rs. 25/‐ and 30th with Rs 100.
  • If the fees & fine are not paid before the last opportunity given for payment his/her name will be removed from the roll of the college and he/ she will not get the benefit of attendance from that date If the students wants re‐admission, he/ she should remit Rs.100/‐ as re‐admission fee along with request for special permission from the principal and has to remit all the arrears of the fees with fine. The re‐admitted student will get the benefit of attendance only from date of re‐admission.
  • The name of the defaulters of the fees will be published on the notice board.
  • Every student is liable to pay the full course fees under university act and the decree of court for the whole course if he/she want to discontinue the course or get transfer to another institution .
  • No student will be enrolled or allowed to attend any class until the fees due from him/ her have been paid.
  • Any candidate which is found to have secured admission by false representation will be sent away for which and he/ she shall forfeit whatever fees he/ she has remitted.
  • Absence for one hour will be counted absence for half day.
  • Absentees should submit Application for leave in the prescribed form.
  • Continues absent for 5 consecutive days will round his/her name to be struck off the roll.
  • Mobile phones are strictly banned in the campus.
  • Students should maintain strict discipline in the class room and campus.
  • Uniform is compulsory everyday except wednesday.

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Served as Associate Professor in Dept. of physics, SES College for 32 years out of which 2 years as HOD. Served as Chairman Board of Studies in Electronics, Kannur University.

- Jose.J.Edavoor
(Msc, B.Ed)

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